Educational Textile Equipment Procurement

We are proud to offer high quality sewing machines and other textile supplies for all educational purposes. We provide schools, colleges and universities with sewing machines, combined with continued maintenance and technical support.

Our quality sewing machine and technical support service offers schools, colleges and universities a complete package and textile equipment which is made to last. Students get the opportunity to work with the latest sewing machines and textile equipment on the market and our durable sewing machines adhere to the highest levels of quality and performance necessary for an educational environment.

We understand that student safety is a priority and as such we combine quality, durability and safety in all our sewing machines and other textile equipment for education. As well as machines, we can deliver other necessities for the classroom, from pattern cutting tables to anti-static machinist chairs.

After working in the educational sector for over 30 years, we can supply the highest performing sewing machines for education and any other textile machinery or equipment your school, college or university may require.

Our Key Partners
For over 10 years, we've been leading the future of textile manufacturing equipment supply and procurement.