Rexel US-2 Cutting Table for Roller Blinds

Rexel US-2 Cutting Table for Roller Blinds

Rexel US-2 Cutting Table for Roller Blinds

The Rexel US-2 is a modern, powerful, and professional piece of equipment for roller blinds manufacturing.
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The US-2 is a modern, powerful, and professional piece of equipment for roller blinds manufacturing.

The table gives your production a significant advantage, as two knives are used in one machine: a round knife and an ultrasonic knife.

The standard circular knife is used for all fabrics, but for fabrics that contain more than 50% of artificial components, the ultrasonic knife is a more appropriate cutting solution.

This is due to the fact that when the fabric contains more than 50% of the artificial component, cutting it with an ultrasonic knife will melt the edges of the fabric, which prevents the fabric from fraying in the future. This dramatically increases the quality of the output of your production.

With US-2, it is very easy to change the knives, so the table works great with both serial and non-serial production.

The table is easy to operate and a user-friendly touchscreen system informs the operator of every important piece of information that is needed for your production.

You can also control the speed of the knife, and consequently, you can set a list of pre-set cutting conditions that work best with your fabrics.

The US-2 is one of the best cutting solutions for the production of roller blinds.

Main advantages of the table:
- Cuts with round or ultrasonic knife;
- Touchscreen control makes it easy to work with the machine.
- The system is available in Polish, English, and Russian (other languages available on demand);
- Semiautomatic press-to-cut system;
- A pneumatic clamping line ensures that the fabric will not move during the cutting process;
- A built-in fabric sensor (if turned on) can stop the knife after it detects that the cut is finished and return it to home position to increase cutting efficiency;
- A large backlight (260 mm width) placed before the cutting line allows to check the fabric for defects before the cut is made;
- A precise length and angle measuring device allows to cut the fabric accurately and precisely to the necessary length;
- A solid, stable and durable table construction - the table is made of powder-coated steel profiles.
- It is possible to adjust the height of the table using adjustment screws in the legs of the table.
- The table consists of two modules: the cutting module and the post-cutting module (there is a possibility of purchasing only the cutting module and using it with your own cutting table).

- Cutting width: 4000 mm (157.4")
- Tabletop width: 4200 mm (165.3")
- Tabletop length after cut-off line: 3100 or more (122" or more)
- Whole width: 4750 mm (187")
- Whole length: 5200 mm (204.7")
- Tabletop height: 900 mm (35.4")
- Cutting speed: Min: 0.1 m/s - Max: 0.5 m/s (0.32-1.64 ft/s)
- Blade rotation speed: 2400 rpm
- Blade diameter: 65 mm (2.55")
- Voltage: 230 V
- Wattage: 900 W
- Ultrasonic knife: YES
- Sharpening device: YES
- Mechanical round knife: YES
- Fabric clamp: Double, pneumatic
- Backlighting: YES
- Variable knife cart speed: YES
- Variable blade rotation speed: NO
- Roll manual centring system: YES
- Fabric clamp foot switcher: YES
- Semi-automatic fabric feed system: YES

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