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Global Chainstitch

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Global Chainstitch Industrial Sewing Machines

AE Sewing Machines are the UK's experts on Industrial Sewing Machines. We have a range of Global Chainstitch Industrial Sewing Machines available.

Not only do we keep a wide range of these machines in stock in the UK, but we hold all of the spare parts and accessories too.

If you need any advice on the equipment below, please call us on 01978 821699 (Freephone 0800 678 5853) or email us info@ae-sewingmachines.co.uk

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  1. Global S 300U 194 Chainstitch Tape Edge Machine

    Single needle, two-thread chainstitch, tape edge machine for mattresses.

  2. Global EM Series Chainstitch Embroidery Machine

    Chainstitch embroidery machine for medium materials, also available for moss stitch.

  3. Global SUNSHINE 1100 Series High Speed, Two Needle, Bottom Cover-stitch Machine

    Two needle, 6,4 mm, bottom cover-stitch, belt loop making machines.
  4. Global SUNSHINE 5500 Series High Speed, Double Chain-stitch Machine (with rear puller)

    Three needle, double chainstitch flatbed machines, lapseaming is accomplished easily and smoothly by the combination of the puller and the tractor foot.
  5. Global SUNSHINE 3400 Series Multi Needle, Double Chain-stitch Flatbed Machine (with rear puller)

    Four needle, double chainstitch, flatbed machines. A rear puller is featured on this machine for smooth sewing operations.
  6. Global CH 5000 Series High Speed Chainstitch Machine

    High speed single needle, 2 thread chainstitch machine with automatic lubrication and equipped with stitch shorting mechanism (lever).
  7. Global FB 3600 Series Flatbed Chainstitch Machine

    High speed, top and bottom cover flatbed chainstitch machine with 3 needles, automatic lubrication and differential feed.
  8. Global CB 3700 Series Cylinderarm Cover-stitch Machine

    High speed, three needle top and bottom cover, cylinderarm, chainstitch machine with fully automatic lubrication and differential feed.
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8 Item(s)