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Ironing Tables

Steam Generators

Our steam generators are all quite varied. We have a Magic Inox semi-auto for 1 iron, A Steamtech 1500 with smart/manual ECO, a classic steam generator and an express steam generator for semi-professional use.

If you need any advice on the equipment below, please call us on 01978 821699 (Freephone 0800 678 5853) or email us

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  1. MAGIC INOX Semi auto

    Semi-automatic steam generator 2,5 Lit for 1 iron

  2. Steam Tech 1500

    Automatic electric steam generator high technology 5 lit for 1iron with the ability of smart function AUTO/MANUAL ECO just select by a switch for automatic or manual function.

  3. Classic steam generator

    Classic steam generator with iron is designed for a sewing atelier, clothing shop, hotel and home.

  4. Express 2000 steam generator

    Steam generator, suitable for domestic and semi-proffesional use.

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4 Item(s)

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