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Juki AMS-251 Single Needle, CNC Industrial Sewing Machine (Head Turning Type)


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JUKI has launched the AMS-251, a high-end 1-needle CNC sewing machine provided with a machine-head-turning mechanism. The new model guarantees high-quality seams uniformly in every sewing direction.


The machine-head-turning mechanism helps achieve high-quality seams uniformly in every sewing direction.
- JUKI unique synchronisation technology guarantees stable control of the machine head, hook and feed mechanism, thereby creating the most favourable seams.

With its sewing area of “1,000mm x 600 mm” the AMS-251 is best suited to the sewing of decorative stitches and large-size products.
- The AMS-251 is ideally suited to the sewing of decorative stitches on car seats and luxury bag as well as airbags and other large-size products with zero design tolerance for irregular stitching.

Multiple uses guarantee efficient work and quality improvement

Machine head turning – slip ring system*1

Slip ring system has been adopted to the new machine-head turning mechanism. As a result, the limitless turning of the machine head is enabled to allow the sewing machine to sew complicated patterns continuously.

Machine head turning – Cutting point needle

The cutting point needle can be used regardless of the sewing direction since the sewing machine constantly faces the sewing direction at its front.

Machine head lifting function

Since thick materials, clamps, palettes with protrusions can be used, the design will be expanded.

Multi-axis control technology

The multi-axis control technology used by JUKI is applied to simultaneously control six axes*2.

Horizontal-axis, 3 fold-capacity rotary hook

Adoption of the 3-fold hook reduces the frequency of bobbin replacement even when a thick thread is used, thereby supporting sewing of large products.


The IP420 for the existing AMS Series models has been adopted for the new AMS model. In addition, the existing sewing pattern input software “PM1” is also applicable.

Safety Cover

Opening and closing sensor is mounted to the turning-head cover and turning-hook cover to prevent the machine from starting when the cover(s) is opening and to automatically stop the machine if the cover(s) is opened while the machine is in operation.

Start button

A 2-handed start button has been adopted for safe, accurate startup. In addition, unintentional start-up of the machine is prevented.

Bobbin replacement cover

Bobbin can be changed easily by opening the access cover without requiring the operator to reach under the machine to change the bobbin.

  • Juki AMS-251 Single Needle, CNC Industrial Sewing Machine (Head Turning Type)
  • Juki AMS-251 Stitch Example
  • Juki AMS-251 Stitch Example
  • Juki AMS-251 Stitch Example
Model No:  AMS251

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