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JEUX Automatic Mask Manufacturing Machine

JEUX Automatic Mask Manufacturing Machine

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JEUX Automatic Mask Manufacturing Machine


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Three material rolls are unwound, the middle roll will fold and on the right and left there are folded edges. The welding unit welds the long side and the cross weld. On the end of the material, it is cut into pieces and transported to a conveyor belt. The cross-welding unit brings the rubber bands into position and welds the edges and rubber bands in one operation. In this unit, we are able to weld up to 4 masks at once which significantly increases productivity. The maximum production of this unit is up to 150 masks per minute (207,000 per day, running 3 shifts).

(1) Standard Ultrasonic Face Mask Welding

Edge Welding - welding-module, 2-rotating titanium Sonotrode 35KHz, converter, generator, including cooling system, servo-motor driven puller units for transport.

(2) Longitudinal Welding-Unit

With the cutting Spilker, we use a robust and extremely precise working rotary cutting system, which is motor-driven. The cutting units are integrated into the particular production workflow. 

(3) Transfer System for Buffering

The masks are transferred from the longitudinal welding unit to the cross-welding units via an intelligent conveyor belt solution.

(4) Cross Welding-Unit

The cross-welding unit brings the rubber bands into position and welds the edges and rubber bands in one operation. In this unit, we are able to weld up to 5 masks at once, which significantly increases productivity.

Technical Specification

Mask types: 2-layer non-woven mask | 3-layer non-woven mask | 4-layer non-woven mask

Mask size: 18 x 9.5 cm | 6.9 x 3.7 in (adult) 15 x 9 cm | 5.9 x 3.5 in (children)

Ultrasonic Units: 7 x 35 KHz 2 x 35 KHz rotating Sonotrodes

Output: 150 pieces per minute daily output up to 207.000 pieces (running 3 shifts)
                 Max. speed of the machine: 30 m/min

All welding components work in the 35 KHz range and are not audible to human hearing.

  • JEUX Automatic Mask Manufacturing Machine
Model No:  JEUXMMM

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