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Fabric Lay End Cutters

Lay End Cutters

When producing multiple volumes of garments, there are a number of ways to do this efficiently. Using a fabric lay end cutter allows the operator to easily stack multiple layers of fabric on top of one another, ensuring the cut line is always straight.

Once the operator has enough lays, they can then proceed to cut out their individual patterns. Generally, this would be done with a fabric cutting machine or straight knife.

Using the lay end cutting machine also allows you to keep track of how many lays you are cutting by using the fabric counter.

AE Sewing Machines can supply 2 different types of lay end cutter from 2 manufacturers. The Su Lee brand offers both manual and automatic fabric lay end cutters. The Dayang brand offers a 2.5 meter fabric lay end cutter.

If you need any advice on the equipment below, please call us on 01978 821699 (Freephone 0800 678 5853) or email us

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  1. Dayang DYDB-2 Automatic lay End Cutter

    The Dayang DYDB-2 is a single man operation lay end cutter. It is a simple operatation machine, saving you time, man power and material.

    £1,595.00 + VAT
  2. Su Lee FA-200C Automatic Lay End Cutter

    With just a press of the button, this cutter will automatically run, lift and press the cloth. It's main function is for the use when Laying up multi ply's of fabric. This machine is ideal for cutting all types of cloth, thin plastic, thin fiberglass and much more.

    £2,195.00 + VAT
  3. Su Lee ST-360C Manual Lay End Cutter

    This is a manual lay end cutting machine. It is extremely easy to use incorporating a handle with a simple push button. The arm is then extended while the cutter moves freely inside the cloth rail track. It has the ability to press the cloth also and can be lifted with a single finger.
    £795.00 + VAT
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3 Item(s)

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