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  • Fabric!

    Most upholstery fabric is heavy weight. This is partly because it has to last and cope with heavy wear, but also because it is likely to be under tension when on the furniture. Consequently, upholstery fabric tends to be expensive, so choose carefully. If you’re using a patterned fabric, bear in mind how...
  • Measuring for Upholstery!

    Taking careful measurements is critical. Take a long look at the item of furniture, and look at its existing upholstery, to see where the seams lie. Try to find where the wooden frame of the item lies beneath the soft parts so you have an idea of its ‘skeleton’. This will help you...
  • The Two Types of Upholstery you may tackle!

    Below are two types of upholstery you may encounter. Loose covers – these can be removed from the furniture, for washing, and so require zips, or some way of removing them. They are convenient, as they can be changed to ring the changes in your décor, and can be washed.But they are...
  • Introduction to Upholstery!

    Upholstering is a skilled profession but some of the simpler aspects can be done by an amateur with experience in using a sewing machine, and in accurate measuring and cutting out. If you’ve never done this before, take your time measuring, and always measure twice! Check before you cut. The sewing is fairly...

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