Industrial Sewing of Activewear

Active wear is one of the fastest growing industries in the textile world. We’ve got you covered with all aspects of industrial sewing equipment and information.

If you're new to the manufacturing of activewear, or you want to find out what new processes there are that can be used to manufacture activewear, without looking in the right place it's going to be pretty hard to find out the information you need. Luckily enough, we've put together a good starting point. We hope our sewing of activewear guides are going to give you an idea of the processes and operations of activewear sewing, allowing you to follow along the stages of activewear creation, with a comprehensive list of the different sewing machines and sewing equipment that you'll need to use to make your own. Our index of activewear sewing information includes all industrial sewing equipment you will need for activewear, such as hoodies, joggers, vests and much more.


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