Siruba C007L Cylinder-bed, Coverstitch Machine

Siruba C007L Cylinder-bed, Coverstitch Machine

Siruba C007L Cylinder-bed, Coverstitch Machine

The Siruba C007L Series is a cylinder-bed, coverstitch machine. The different subclasses listed below vary the machine's specification and suitability.

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The Recessed Machine Bed

With the recessed machine bed, sewing material comes closer to the needle hole, thus provides more precise easier, and smoother sewing.

Recessed Cylinder Bed

The recessed cylinder bed on the front cover is shortened. The short cylinder has superior operating performance, which can be applied to the extensive covering seam. Hemming or wrapping can be sewed just by increasing the extended cover.

New Oil Sealing Technology

New oil sealing structure used on needle bar and looper mechanism can efficiently avoid oil splash. New wear-resistant material also enhances performance and durability.

New Cool Down Technology

Frame structure renewed with better cooling mechanism. Vibration is also reduced to contribute better sewing experience.

Easy-to-adjust Differential Feed Dog Design

The differential feed dog adjuster is placed at right side of the operator. Adjust it easily without hesitation.

Brand New Design Upper Thread Gripper

The newly designed upper thread gripper provides fast, precise movement and stable thread gripper.

Dual Thread Take-up Mechanism

The brand new design of dual thread take-up lever thread tension combination is ideal for both heavy and light fabric. Sewing applicable range is wider and the applicability is higher.

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