Tajima SAI Single-head, 8-Needle Embroidery Machine

Tajima SAI Single-head, 8-Needle Embroidery Machine

Tajima SAI Single-head, 8-Needle Embroidery Machine

The market-leading Tajima SAI is a single head, 8-needle, industrial embroidery machine.

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This machine incorporates the technological advancements of the world’s leading industrial embroidery machine manufacturers, TAJIMA. The embroidery machine has been designed to include the advancements of TAJIMA and also the ease of use of a home market machine. Specially designed with a compact footprint for ease of use and location friendly. With a neutral white colour, the SAI will blend into almost any location without a problem. A machine idea to enhance ease of use, safe operation, and appearance designed by Toshiyuki Kita. The outstanding quality and durability of industrial embroidery machines, condensed into a compact body. Bring colour to your business with SAI, the model that offers high-quality finishing with production power.

Tajima SAI Single-head, 8-Needle Industrial Embroidery Machine Features

• Super compact design for portability and tabletop use.

• Touchscreen - 3.5 x 6in, full-color LCD control panel which is easy to learn.

• Fast 800 stitches per minute.

• Eight needles.

• Use to programs jobs easily with just a few keystrokes; call up designs from memory or favourites folder for easy repeat jobs

• Rotate designs and select the design stop/start position on the screen.

• Large 11.8 × 7.8in (300 x 200mm) tubular sewing field.

• Large 11.8 × 2.9in (300 x 75mm) cap sewing field.

• Includes one 11.8 × 7.8in (300 x 200mm) hoop, one 3.9 × 3.9in (100 x 100mm) hoop.

• Crosshair laser marker for easy and accurate design placement.

• Double LED-lit sewing field.

• Six beautiful fonts to create on-board lettering for text and monograms.

• Includes Tajima Writer lettering software for Windows with 30+ Fonts and built-in design templates with easy LAN machine connection capability.

• Upgradable to Tajima Pulse DG15 for advanced features

• Barcode ready: All Tajima industrial embroidery machines have built-in technology to load designs to the machine with the simple scan of a barcode or simply drop into a hot folder.

• Cap stabilisation shaft: The cap stabilisation shaft allows for high-speed cap embroidery with precision results.

• Unique Pulse .pxf labour saving embroidery file format compatible.

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