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JUKI Advanced Networking System

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Introducing the latest innovation from JUKI Corporation, JaNets.

Industry 4.0 is on everyone’s lips and we’re already seeing it being slowly introduced into the construction, public transport, and manufacturing industries. Now, more companies and corporations are investing in automated, data exchange manufacturing technologies for increased efficiency, quality control and minimizing production error.

From autonomous cars, robotics, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence – there has been a huge developmental emphasis on technology in the last few years and this is just scratching the surface in terms of how technology and manufacturing can work together.

Industry 4.0 and the impact on sewing factory production?

With the ever-growing demand for the digitization of sewing production lines comes JUKI’s latest innovation – JaNets. This advanced network system uses both software hardware which allows unrivaled real-time tracking and monitoring of production allowing management to be proactive and not reactive. When manufacturing, visibility, performance, and predictability are fundamental to running a successful operation. JaNets helps to overcome the challenges of reducing cycle times, increasing productivity and delivery of greater quality products at a lower cost.

This is primarily done by increasing the efficiency of your production, which can take your manufacturing process to the next level. JUKI’s innovative software solution helps to create a proactive environment which enables real-time improvement and bring about managerial peace-of-mind. Terminals are positioned at each workstation are designed to track, monitor and report everything across your whole production, significantly enhancing production balance, supply chain visibility and manufacturing cycle times. This will allow the entire factory to communicate quickly and effectively and therefore reduce the time it takes to react to problems and carry out any administrative work sooner rather than later.

By using JaNets there is a higher chance of converting unproductive time into productive time which results in for increased output or equal output with less labor and/or working hours. This is where data feedback to the management becomes important – because they can see when, where and why production is slow or down, and can then act quickly to reduce and/or resolve this.

JaNets Compatibility with JUKI Digital Machines

Another of the key advantages of using JaNets is that when used with JUKI’s digital sewing machines. Using these two new technologies in allow for faster, more accurate and more detailed production analytics. JaNets can be integrated into JUKI’s digital machines allowing all machine data (error codes, detailed sewing data) to be reported back to management. This allows management a vast information base to understand get a better picture of the machine and operator’s performance.

When errors keep reoccurring, production management can isolate the problem by checking over parameters that can be linked with the error data, for example, increased rate of needle mortality (breaking needles) can be attributed to using a certain sewing speed. This also helps to reduce downtime in production, which yet again helps maintain higher levels of efficiency by using JaNets.

All data collected, relevant to the machine parameters can be checked using JaNets. Again, further contributing to increased efficiency by reducing the time spent setting up all machines making sure all machines are properly configured. All the operator must do is scan the RFID tag for the terminal to automatically update machine parameters that are pre-approved. There is no need for factory engineers to even step foot onto the factory floor as all machine parameters can be set up at the design or prototyping stage.

Line Balancing

Line balancing is the process of highlighting and compensating for weak areas of production which are predicted to be below target. JaNets is constantly, accurately measuring production efficiency (by the operator, by the job, by production line) and can, therefore, predict and highlights potential problems. When management observes all the presented data, they get an estimated productivity and financial cost based on how much a problem can cause. JaNets then offers proposals to minimize or eliminate the cost.

If an operator is absent of there is a machine failure, JaNets graphically shows the predicted productivity target. Highlighting to the production manager of the potential issue. It can then offer solutions ‘balance out’ a production line by analyzing other operators’ performance and then suggest the most suitable operator to move and make up the difference on the underperforming line. With the historical operator performance data, it can even suggest the best time of day to do this so that other lines are not negatively impacted.

If there are no suitable operators to pick up the slack, JaNets also works out who the best operator would be to stay and work overtime to complete the production, with additional labor cost calculated. JaNets promotes a proactive working environment, allowing production management to prevent flagged up issues becoming a harder-to-resolve problem. After all, prevention is better than cure.

What are the advantages of using JaNets?

By using JaNets in your production process, JUKI’s latest innovation is going to immediately positively impact your business. By using JaNets to monitor and provide feedback production data analytics provides a valuable tool into overseeing the whole the production process.

JaNets helps to increase operator sewing efficiency and production line efficiency. If there is downtime on one production line, JaNets equally distributes the workload to ensure the off-target production line’s difference is made up by another operator. By streamlining and slickening up the production process, this will subsequently result in reducing direct, indirect and excess labour costs. By reducing unproductive working hours also helps increase sewing production efficiency.

JaNets ROI

Increasing sewing production efficiency is what JaNets all about - if implemented correctly and all of the staff are familiarised properly with the new way of working, it will pay for itself before you know it. Using JaNets will not only streamline and improve the efficiency of your business, it will reduce unproductive working hours and eliminate wasted time. This is what every factory would love to have – an improved, consistent output at a reduced cost.

JaNets is suited for many different production sizes and is not limited to large factories with many operators. Even in smaller working environments with less staff, the JaNets system can still provide great results and result in running a much more effective and efficient business. The typical return on investment for a medium sized factory that has implemented JaNets is between a year and two years.