Juki Series DDL-9000B Direct-Drive, High-Speed, 1-Needle, Lockstitch Machine

Juki Series DDL-9000B Direct-Drive, High-Speed, 1-Needle, Lockstitch Machine

Juki Series DDL-9000B Direct-Drive, High-Speed, 1-Needle, Lockstitch Machine

Juki does its utmost to perfect the ease of operation of its machines while promising optimal seam quality, optimal productivity, and minimum energy consumption. Now, Juki has launched an advanced 1-needle lockstitch machine with unrivaled performance, a successor to the DDL-9000/-9000A. This is the newest flagship lockstitch machine from Juki, a manufacturer which aims for genuine quality every minute of the day.

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The latest compact-size servomotor has been adopted.

The DDL-9000B has adopted the latest compact-size servomotor as its driving source. This latest compact-size servomotor is an energy-saving, highly efficient motor which is able to run under high torque and has a broader range of speed. In addition, the servomotor is installed with a direct-drive system to transmit the motor power directly to the sewing machine, thereby achieving improved power-consumption saving, quicker response, quicker startup, increased accuracy of the stop position and stronger material penetrating force of the needle.

The new model control box, which energy-saving mode is provided.

The new model control box SC-920, which consists of an energy-saving mode, has been developed. This control box is the first one which provides an energy-saving mode for the sewing machine. The power consumption during standby, when the motor is at rest, is reduced by approximately 20%. In addition, abundantly incorporated state-of-the-art energy-saving features such as a compact-in-size solenoid for the auto-lifter (optional) allow the DDL-9000B to reduce power consumption, to increase productivity and to be friendly to the environment.

Dry technology - Oil stains on the material being sewn are reduced, thereby improving product quality.

The advanced dry technology helps prevent oil stains on the material being sewn. The main source of oil stains is the frame. The semi-dry head type sewing machine comes with a frame that does not need lubrication. The fully-dry head type sewing
machine is an even further evolved dry-head type that comes with a frame and a hook section that does not need lubrication.

Design for achieving silent operation  - The operating noise generated by the mechanisms is reduced, helping reduce operator fatigue

One of the eternal challenges of a sewing plant is the improvement of the work environment. One of the factors to be improved is noise within the plant. The DDL-9000B 1-needle lockstitch machine is the sewing machine that is used most frequently in the sewing plant. For this reason, noise-generating mechanisms have been attuned to eliminate any harsh noise.

Thread trimming mechanism - Thread trimming speed has been doubled or more that of the conventional model

Analysis of operator work has revealed that the working rhythm substantially affects productivity. Based on the aforementioned fact, JUKI focused on the thread trimming speed. By maximizing the thread trimming speed, the operating rhythm can be improved.

Production support function The operation panel is provided with a production support function.

Two different operation panels, the CP-18A and CP-180A are applicable to the DDL-9000B. Both operation panels are provided with the production support function.

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