Pathfinder Advanced Cutting Technology Arrives in the U.K.

AE Sewing Machines has teamed up with Pathfinder Cutting Technology to bring the most advanced cutting technology in the world to the U.K. At Advanced Engineering 2017, we got a marvellous opportunity to showcase Pathfinder's L-Series and M-Series automatic cutting machines. At AE Sewing Machines, we are constantly looking at the future of textiles manufacturing. With this in mind, we are prominent advocates for bringing automation into the industry. In working with the Australian giants, Pathfinder, we can now bring [...]

AE Sewing Now Offers Personal Finance

We at Advance Enterprises Sewing (Automation) Ltd are proud to announce that we now offer personal as well as business finance. Making the jump from a domestic sewing machine to an industrial one is often a necessary adjustment for sole traders. If you're in the business of making your own clothes, curtains, etc. and you're working with heavier fabrics, you will need a machine that is a little more heavy-duty. The number one problem that people have with industrial sewing machines? [...]

Advanced Engineering 2017 – AE Sewing Machines & Pathfinder Cutting

AE Sewing Machines recently announced that they will be exhibiting alongside Pathfinder Cutting Machines at the Advanced Engineering Show 2017 at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) on the 1st and 2nd November 2017. National Exhibition Centre Birmingham, United Kingdom 01 - 02/11/2017 (more…)

How Sewing Automation can Revolutionise your Business

Automation has become a huge part of the manufacturing process for a lot of businesses across the world. In particular, sewing automation is beginning to revolutionise the manufacturing process of curtains, blinds, automotive upholstery and many more products. There are a lot of benefits to automating your operations. However, there are some who are reluctant to adopt automation in their workplace. The aim of this post is to highlight the benefits of automation and remove any potential stigma surrounding [...]