AE Sewing Machines Appointed as Juki LHD Dealer for the UK

AE Sewing Machines are delighted to announce that pioneering and iconic brand Juki Corporation has chosen us to be their UK-appointed dealer for the LHD and Non-Apparel Machinery. (more…)

AE Sewing Machines Deliver Training Courses

Here at AE Sewing Machines, we have been delivering training courses for technicians looking to learn more about Industrial Sewing Machines and how to correctly set, fault find and support application changes. Recently, we had 3 students from companies in the surrounding areas take part on our Basic Introduction to Sewing Machine Technology Course. Jon from RFD Beaufort which manufacture Survival Equipment successfully completed the course alongside Oliver & Jamie from Westbridge Furniture who manufacture Upholstered Furniture. (more…)

The Next Generation of Textile Manufacturing – What are the New Jobs for the New Generation?

Textile manufacturing is beginning its triumphant and exciting return to the UK, the history of Britain being the textile industry powerhouse of the world is starting to come back to its former glory. While traditional techniques are still important to the industry, the new generation of textile workers is bringing a chic and contemporary spin to the field. The next generation of textile manufacturing doesn’t just need machinists; there are thousands of new jobs awaiting the new textile generation.  [...]

The Ever-Increasing Demand for use of Automation In Textile Manufacturing

As automation and artificial intelligence technologies become increasingly popular, what does this mean for the textile manufacturing? In almost every industry, automation is essential. Automation is vital for cost competitiveness and necessary for quality improvement. Generally speaking, automation can apply to any process that has distinct inputs and outputs. Machines are perfect for performing routine, low-level and repetitive tasks which is why the textile manufacturing industry is seeing significant rises in the amount of automation adopted and the demand is [...]