Exciting new job opportunity

We are continually searching for candidates that will enhance our ability to grow and provide exceptional service and solutions to all our customers. All our positions that become available require highly skilled staff as well as a high touch in customer service. We pride ourselves on being the UK's leading suppliers of Industrial Sewing Equipment and Automated Machinery, while always keeping the standards of a true family business. (more…)

The Benefits of an Industrial Sewing Machine

The purchase of an industrial sewing machine for a business is of course a considered one, it is never an impulse buy. But, as a business, when you are considering this purchase for whichever industry you are working in, you need to understand the benefits that come with buying an industrial sewing machine. At AE Sewing Machines, we have the expertise and understanding to take into consideration the clients specifications to provide advice on what their ideal solution is. Safety Industrial sewing [...]

Hands On Learning

At AE Sewing, we work with a variety of industries from textile to upholstery where we supply machinery to enhance their production lines. For those who aspire to study Fashion, Design and the manufacturing process in college or university then encouraging hands on learning throughout their early school life is incredibly important. It is subjects like design technology and textiles in which we are able to supply industrial sewing machines and equipment to support and enhance all learning opportunities.   Design [...]