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Sewing Guides

We stock thumb screws, an extra large magnetic guide, a small magnetic guide, T guide and a Drop guide. If you have any questions about which guide is best for you then feel free to contact us.

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  1. 1483 - Thumb Screw

    Thumb screw for attaching folders guides and attachments to the bed of your sewing machine universal fitting.
    £1.52 + VAT
  2. 25873MG - Extra Large Magnetic Guide

    Extra large super magnetic guide. Size 63x34x12mm or 2-1/2x 1-3/8x1/2"
    £3.72 + VAT
  3. G20 - Small Magnetic Guide

    G20 magnetic edge guide standard size. Will fit all types of industrial flat bed sewing machines. Also available LMG & 25873MG.
    £1.20 + VAT
  4. G1 - T Guide

    T guide to be used with fixing screws 1483.

    £0.72 + VAT
  5. SGQ1 - Drop Guide

    Universal drop down edge guide will fit most types of industrial lockstitch machines. For foot bar diameter - 9 to 10mm.
    £7.15 + VAT
Set Descending Direction


5 Item(s)

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